A Brief Description of Dua Kelinci

It is no question that snacking is an ingrained habit in Indonesia. Indonesians snack either alone or together with friends and family when they’re watching tv, staying up late, and many other activities. One of their all-time favorite and traditional refreshment is peanut, be it steamed, roasted, or fried. However, they are also fond of other type of snacks.

Dua Kelinci is available to answer the needs of that snacking habits of Indonesians. We have a variety of peanut snacks which can be suited to your taste and liking. Roasted peanuts and coated peanuts are created for you who like traditional-style peanuts. Mixed nuts and lofet nuts are for the ones who prefer far healthier light meals. You may also choose broad beans or peas from Dua Kelinci for other nut variations.

Not only peanuts, peas, or beans, Dua Kelinci has also created and produced other type of treats such as Krip Krip, the multigrain chips with three different flavors, Tic Tac the savory snack which can be used for side dish, and Deka Wafer as well as Deka Crepes, the sweet variant of Dua Kelinci’s snacks.

Innovation is Dua Kelinci’s core value. We never stop to create something that the Indonesians would love to have as their snacks. Therefore, we never cease to innovate because we want to keep answering the snack needs of people in Indonesia.