Back to School

Going back to college after a long break takes a lot of will. It’s not easy to settle into our study or projects when memories of warm sandy beach or cool mountain breeze still lingers in our minds. If you need some motivation boost to improve focus, try out some of the following ways

  1. Do light stretching
    Stretching is not only good for the body when you just wake up, but also when it’s hard for you to concentrate on certain tasks. Doing simple stretches can promote good blood circulation and refresh your mind.
  2. Listen to classical music
    Classical music is known as an effective stimulant for a more focused mind. When your mind starts to wander off in the middle of an assignment, set your playlist to some classical tunes.
  3. Consume healthy snacks
    As a source of antioxidants and vitamin E, consuming peanuts as in Dua Kelicinci Lofet and roasted peanuts can help increase your brain functions. On top of that, peanuts also contains essential amino acids that stimulate serotonin production in brain. This high level of serotonin will maintain your good mood for an effective study session.