Best Food Supplies for Travelling

Traveling abroad is undoubtedly fun. Visiting new places and immersing ourselves in the local culture is truly an experience on its own. However, many of these unforgettable experiences become less enjoyable when the local delicacies don’t satisfy our palate. This factor might cause a set back when planning our next vacation since eating might be a problem overseas. To the eager travelers, worry not! You can pack your own ransom for those exciting days on the road. What is there to bring? Check out this list!

  1. Meat floss
    This one is on top of the list when people go traveling. Tasty and kept well – meat floss easily becomes a default menu when people need to eat and go.
  2. Instant noodle
    If you need an instant solution to stave off hunger, instant noodle is the way to go. Cook for a few minutes and a delicious bowl of noodle is ready to be consumed. For an even more practical way to prepare instant noodle, go for the cup version.
  3. Sambal
    Another way to make international cuisine more “local” is to add the all time favorite condiment of Indonesia, sambal. Many Indonesians feel that a dish is not complete if it doesn’t have a touch of sambal. So, if spicy food is for you, don’t forget to pack a bottle of sambal with your other essentials.
  4. Peanuts
    There’re reasons why peanuts are popular with young and old. This savory snack is easy to carry and can be consumed anywhere. Especially during international travel, you can easily pull out a bag of peanuts and enjoy it when hunger strikes. So, when you plan your next trip abroad, make sure your Dua Kelinci is with you on the road!