Do You Eat While You Read?

When we’re lost in reading, we tend to go hungry. Thus, it is necessary to be prepared and have some snacks before we leaf through the pages. But do you know which ones are good companions for reading? Well, here’s a list of healthy and yummy finger foods for that precious time away with your book.

  1. Popcorn
    If you agree that reading is better than watching a movie, let a bowl of butter-free popcorn satiate your craving while you read.
  2. Dried Fruit
    In need of a healthy nibble? Dried fruit is great for reading. You can easily hold the book on one hand, and handle your skinny consumption with the other hand.
  3. Ice cream
    No, we’re not talking about consuming a bowl of ice cream while you’re reading. Opt for a popsicle or ice cream on a stick for a mess-free reading.
  4. Chocolate Milk
    Either hot or cold, this one promises to be delicious. Chocolate milk is a good choice for those craving for chocolate but do not want to deal with gooey fingers and sticky pages. Use a straw for extra protection.
  5. Peanuts
    The best choice is one that won’t stain your book and can be enjoyed with just one hand. In other words, a good snack needs to be book friendly. Therefore, before you turn that first page, we suggest grabbing a bag of Coated Peanuts from Dua Kelinci. It is available in various flavors and it’s also cholesterol free. Serve it on a bowl next to your reading spot for a mess free snacking.

Whatever your choice is, keep in mind that accidents can happen. So keep a napkin close by. Enjoy your snack and happy reading.