Dua Kelinci Indonesia Heads the Ball – Bandung 2014

Dua Kelinci Indonesia Heads the Ball scored another triumph in Bandung, Java’s city of flowers on May 18. Around 7,000 Friends of Dua Kelinci began to flock the Siliwangi stadium as early as 5.30am, until it burst with green uniforms, ball-shaped bags and Gareth Bale masks.While waiting, many of them took the opportunity to memorialize the moment with their favorite Real Madrid star in front of the photo wall.

Following the format of the successful event in Medan earlier in the month, MCs Ronal Surapradja and Tyra Lundy officially opened Dua Kelinci Indonesia Heads the Ball in Bandung with a 5km fun run through Jl. Lombok, Jl. Riau, Jl. Seram, Kodam Siliwangi, and Jl. Belitung.

As the runners were recovering back in the Siliwangi stadium, national team members Atepand Haryonotook the Gareth Bale Challenge, showing off their amazing skills at sprinting, taking corners and free kicks, dribbling and Sumo Foosball. Don’t want to be left out, the Friends of Dua Kelinci also got to try out their own dexterity with a ball at the Games Corner.

The climax of the Bandung event was a performance by J-Rocks band, and one lucky door prize winner was presented with a brand new motorbike. And the Dua Kelinci Indonesia Heads the Ball roadshow did not end in Bandung, but moved on to Jakarta on June 01 and Makassar on June 15.