Feel Free Every Day with KRIP KRIP Multigrain

Almost everyday people in this world like snacking. This snacking habit actually is what our body needed. With snacking, our body receives extra energy to keep us going with all day activities. However, not all people aware of snack that is healthy and gives good benefit to the body.

PT Dua Kelinci just launched a new product that becomes an answer to all snack lovers, which is KRIP KRIP Multigrain Chips. KRIP KRIP Multigrain is snack made from high fiber ingredient such as wheat, corn, oat and sun flower seeds. Available in 3 tasty flavors, Original, Spicy BBQ and Sweet Chili, KRIP KRIP now is a delicious and crunchy snack with unique taste.

KRIP KRIP Multigrain chips is snack that suit to all occasion, anytime-anywhere, without guilty feeling, because of its high fiber ingredient, higher than any other chips.

KRIP KRIP Multigrain chips, gives you a new experience and unique taste that made it enjoyable to everyone. COME AND TRY KRIP KRIP’S TASTY AND CRUNCHY SNACK!!