How To Plan The Perfect Road Trip

We love a good road trip!

Flying is great but there is something really special about driving behind the wheel and heading out on to the open road. Successful road trips are the consequences of careful planning. Below is a list of things which are classified as the “must-haves” for a great trip.

  1. Preparing your car
    If you think your car is going to come due for an oil change or other maintenance during your trip, schedule a checkup now!
  2. GPS Navigation or map
    A GPS device with traffic information, along with an exit guide can help you to avoid road congestion and find suitable pit stop location.
  3. Good tunes playlist
    Checking the high school mixtapes such as Another Travellin’ Song by Bright Eyes and Ticket To Ride by The Beatles are going to get you pumped up for your next trip.
  4. Snacks to pack
    When it comes to snack selection, the best snacks for a road trip are the kind that will keep you feeling full longer. Trade in chips and candy bars for these healthier, car-friendly options, Mixnut and Lofet from Dua Kelinci. These delicious nuts are one good option and make you full and energized for hours.

Happy road tripping!