Living Healthy with Dua Kelinci

With the rising popularity of healthy lifestyle, many Indonesians are now exercising more and consciously making healthier choices in their consumptions. As for snacks, the choice falls on those with low sugar and fat content, and thus increasing the demand of these types of snacks. However, many do not realize that peanuts are an alternative healthy option for snacks.

The general misconception of the peanut is that it contains high level of fat and consumption leads to weight gain. However, when consumed within the right amount (1 to 1.5 ounces per day), peanuts are reported to decrease blood pressure, stabilize blood sugar, lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, and increase the success rate of diet programs.

For those reasons, Dua Kelinci is compelled to educate people regarding the benefit of peanuts, and the wide range of snack options available for them. Our product, Lofet, is shelled peanuts processed to reduce their calorie content, making this snack an healthier options. This pastime favorite nibbles have a slight hint of kaffir-lime leaves flavor giving it a unique touch of flavors. For a great tasting snack that can meet your healthy life resolution, Lofet is your definite option.