Must-Dos for Major Snackers

Snacking is a really fun thing to do, especially for you who snack while doing something else. Your snack can make a great company – be it during your me-time or with friends – when you’re playing, watching a movie, or working. But not everything can be done while you’re snacking away. So check out this list for things that you can do while you snack:

  1. Cafe hopping
    For those of you who like to nibble, you have to try this one: cafe hopping. Going from one cafe to another is really a fun activity for you who like to snack. You can drink coffee or tea, hang out with your friends, meet new people, and of course taste different delicacies. If you want to experience a different atmosphere, try roof top or sea side cafes. Some cafes offer live performances of awesome local bands, which will make your snacking experience unbeatable.
  2. Exist in social medias
    Turn your cafe hopping experience into timeless memories by sharing your activities in your social media accounts. Going to cafes can take a toll on your finances, but worry not, because many eateries offer special promotions and discounts for those who posts their experience in Instagram or Facebook. That way, you can save a little cash for your next rendezvous.
  3. Experiment!
    Snacking is great, but why not try making your own? Your snack will be one of a kind! There are plenty tutorials in YouTube for concocting your own food, and the good news is, they are easy to follow. Those clips can guide you in making your own cheese cake, cookies, or even pies.
  4. Try snacks from different countries
    If you have tried snacking during travelling, you know that this one is totally fun! Travelling is not only beneficial for refreshing your mind and body, but it can also enrich you with other inspiring cultures. When you travel, don’t forget to taste various local dishes and snacks. Most importantly, never leave your favorite Dua Kelinci behind. Tic Tac or Sukro Nuts is a wonderful choice to accompany your travels. Not only it’s packaged in a practical pouch, but it’s a taste that will remind you of home.