Muvila Movie Time

Film Comic 8 bersama Sukro

Movie-lovers’ overwhelming response to the home-grown comedy Comic 8 has prompted Sukro to team up with film review website to organize a get-together for fans with the hit film’s creators. Muvila Movie Time: Watch With Sukro and the Cast of Comic 8 invited loyal followers of leading man Mongol Stres to meet their idol and the rest of the Comic 8 cast.

“Events like this are brilliant, because they give us the chance to get to know our fans. We can chat with them about all kinds of things, and to be honest, I’m thrilled. It lets me know that they really appreciate my work,” Mongol commented.

Sukro also treated ten lucky couples who won a Movie Time competition to dinner with a gathering of their favourite comics, including Mongol, Arie Keriting and Kemal Palevi.