Overtime? Challenge Accepted!

There are times when we have to go overtime at work. Although we are working extra, we still need to give our best since this is not only for our workplace, but also ourselves. Here are some tips to pump up your energy.

  1. Maintain a good sleeping pattern. To stay productive and keep our mind sharp, having a regular sleep pattern and sufficient rest is vital. If you have a difficulty getting to bed on time, reduce your caffeine intake in the late afternoon.
  2. Spend some time doing things you love. Balance is key in achieving success, so work on your passion to refresh and even improve your moods.
  3. Rest. Taking a few minutes off work can actually increase creativity and focus. While you’re taking a break, munch on something sweet and crunchy such as Deka ChocoChoco to give you that boost of energy to finish your work.
  4. If you are overwhelmed, notify your superior. Don’t be afraid to voice your concerns as sometimes your superior is not fully aware of your workload, or how you’re coping with working extended hours. If fatigue strikes in, make sure to inform your supervisor.