Stay Together After Dinner

The small time between dinner and bedtime is a precious opportunity for family bonding. Plan one of these fun activities for your family to enjoy this week.
First thing what you could do is to have a light conversation with your family over board game, such as scrabble, monopoly or jenga. Family game night is a good way to talk and catch up with family while creating lasting memories, because family that plays together, stays together.
Alternatively, you could throw a movie night. If the weather permits, it is time to pull off backyard cinema on your own. An outdoor movie night is a great way to spend time with those you care the most while also enjoying the great outdoors. Simply choose the classic movies such as ET, Home Alone, or Back to The Future and you’re ready to hit the play button.
Any activities you’ve had in mind, never forget the nibbles for the family. We recommend to have Roasted Peanuts from DuaKelinci. They come in 3 tasteful flavors,  Salted, Sand Grilled or Garlic Flavor Peanuts. It is easy yet satisfying snack for family gathering . And one thing for sure, Roasted Peanuts from Dua Kelinci will keep them coming back for more.