SUKRO, coated peanuts with a taste of Indonesian flavors is now coming with a new variant: SUKRO OVEN. The best quality of coated peanuts flavored with various unique tastes that are made especially in the hot OVEN.

SUKRO OVEN is a new must-try item for all young generation in this era! The practical packaging and maintained quality of the products will enhance the personality of all young creative and fun people to always be proud of Indonesia. Through roasting process, SUKRO OVEN is produced to be a low-fat delicious snack accompanied with tasty flavors and crunchy texture.

For you who are very active and up-to-date, SUKRO OVEN will be a good friend anytime and anywhere that comes to escalate your active-unique life. Get SUKRO OVEN now to feel the trendiest life and to taste that crunchy-feeling experience!