The Best Times for Dua Kelinci

Everyone loves a good snack. When hunger strikes, the fastest relief comes from a snack. But, not all snacks are suitable for all occasions. So, when the time comes, pick something from Dua Kelinci as we have something for everything. Here’s a few:

  1. When Hanging Out with Friends at Home
    If your friends are coming to watch a movie or to just play some games, you will definitely need a lot of snacks. One good option to keep around the home is Roasted Peanuts, which is available in many flavors. As well as the roasted peanuts, Coated Peanuts like “Sukro” can also be an alternative.
  2. Sunny Day Out
    When it’s sunny, you need to add a zest to your palate! Lofet, Hot Nut and Mix Nut from Dua Kelinci are rich in taste and will definitely make your day. The fresh tang of lime leaves infused in Lofet and the spiciness of Hot Nut are just right to accompany your activity outdoor. Mix Nut contains many varieties of nuts suitable for a warm weather. Take any of the above to your picnic or any outdoor activities to add more fun!
  3. Staying Up on Weekends
    Watching a movie on a Friday night or staying up late watching a ball game needs an extra boost of energy. For that, you need something sweet to fuel your night. Deka Crepes or Deka Wafer Roll is your best bet when you need to stay wide awake all night long.