The Right Snack for All Personality Types

Everyone has their own preferences in everything, including in their choice of snacks. Among other things that influences their decision is their personality trait, with the most common one being the Four Temperaments: Melancholic, Phlegmatic, Choleric and Sanguine. Here are some great selections for each temperament.

  1. Melancholic
    For a melancholic person, the right choice of snack is one that is high in fiber. This is good to help with the digestive system. A great selection from Dua Kelinci includes Peas snacks that are available in three flavors: original, barbecue and chicken. With a high fiber intake, a melancholy can lead a more productive and active lifestyle.
  2. Phlegmatic
    To entice a phlegmatic, we need a snack that is visually attractive and has a great texture. If this is your personality type, then Lofet, Mixnut , Tic-Tac, Koro or even Marning can be the right choice for you. Get your hands on these tasty treats and enjoy your best days with Dua Kelinci.
  3. Choleric
    The days of a choleric are usually high in energy, and this calls for a snack that is high in protein. Roasted and Coated Peanuts from Dua Kelinci can provide the sensation and the energy needed for a person of this type. Always have these healthy source of protein ready wherever you go.
  4. Sanguine
    The best thing of a sanguine is his adaptability to whatever coming his way. A person of this type can go through any weather without a fuss and therefore any kind of snacks will do. However, the energetic sanguine need a good intake of protein as well. The various selection of peanuts and sweet wafer from Dua Kelinci are ready to brighten the days of a sanguine. So, always have Dua Kelinci with you and enjoy your days!