Child development and physical growth in school is a valuable period that should have never been missed by parents and also teachers as the observers on children’s relation with their friends. Therefore, TicTac Dua Kelinci wants to invite all kids, their parents and also teachers in a very fun event presented specially by TicTac Dua Kelinci, “TicTac Seru: Kids Futsal and Ekskul Challenge.” This event is a place for active-talented kids to widen their skills in Futsal and improve their confidence.

“TicTac Seru” has been held four times in 2017, in Lampung (April), Banjarmasin (August), Medan (September) and Bandung (October). 120 elementary schools participated in this event with approximately 50,000 kids have involved in this exciting event. They are pushed to exceed their limit in school activities and train their courage to be more expressive in public. Meanwhile, from this Futsal competition, the kids also learn to be more responsible when they work in a team.

In the last segment of every “TicTac Seru” event in each city, we hold another following event, called Big Bang, that is held for all the champions from the school to once again compete in a more challenging competition. Besides gaining valuable experience, all the participants will also get many new friends, accompanied by their parents and teachers. “TicTac Seru” will also be a place for all parents and teachers to share and gain new knowledge around education.

Don’t worry! “TicTac Seru” still has ended yet. The last Big Bang event will be held in Bandung, on November 19, 2017. The chosen winners from thirty schools will perform their outstanding talent at Cibabat Futsal Area, Bandung. Who will be the true champion out of all champions?