Nowadays, it seems like it’s really important for all youngsters to feel like they ‘exist’ in the society. In order to do that, they need a media where they can express their qualities and talents that haven’t been exposed yet, which is why Krip Krip Tortilla brings “Krip Krip Tortilla School Talent and Challenge” to their schools.

Ever since our big event in Jogja last year, Krip Krip Tortilla School Talent and Challenge is now back again with another ‘surprise’ this year, starting from Kupang, Ambon, Sukabumi, and Bandung. Not only does our event provide a space for students to show their talents, our event also gives students an opportunity to become an Entrepreneur by arranging their own version of Krip Krip Tortilla School Talent and Challenge. From this event, students will get to learn how to enhance their organization and social skills by communicating with the people in their school.

At the end of the event’s period, Krip Krip Tortilla School Talent and Challenge will gather all the champions from each school to compete in the Big Bang event with representatives of the other 30 schools in each of their cities. In an event filled with door prize, quiz, and live DJ performance, this hype event will inspire students to be brave to express themselves.

Stay tuned for the next exciting Krip Krip Tortilla School Talent and Challenge 2018 Roadshow in your school!

Is your school interested in joning us? Check for the information on our Instagram @KripKripID!