Usagi Balls

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you see a Rabbit character? Must be something cute, right!

But what if you see Rabbit characters that are all unique, cute, and stylish at the same time? Wouldn’t you be so happy? Moreover, these cute characters also come in the shape of modern and popular emoticons, which makes you able to choose your own Rabbit character according to what you feel. There are sleeping rabbits, crying rabbits, happy rabbits, and many more.

Other than having cute characters, you can also taste various different delicious flavors, all from USAGI BALLS.

USAGI BALLS is an extruder snack in the form of balls that are CRUNCHY and TASTY. Furthermore, USAGI BALLS also come in a variety of new flavors and new packaging with various unique characters!

Available in 2 flavors: BBQ and CARAMEL, USAGI BALLS is ready to be a new and modern snack for your selection!

Feeling curious already? Come choose your own USAGI characters with USI and AGI!