What Your Tic Tac Says About You

We all know that Tic Tac from Dua Kelinci is very addictive. But do you know that the flavor you choose can say something about your personality? Check out the information below and see whether it’s true of you.

  • Original flavor Tic Tac
    You are far from plain. In truth, you tend to be extravagant, impulsive and opinionated. Although you are not very organized, you are a good leader and can be trusted to get the job done.
  • Spicy flavor Tic Tac
    You are serious, meticulous, and thoughtful. You like to read, watch the news, and discuss recent happenings in the world. You also enjoy being around people who challenge your intelligence. At times, you can be really stubborn, but that is also your charm magnet.
  • Seaweed flavor Tic Tac
    You don’t go by the standard norms. When you just meet a new person, you’ll take him as one of your old friends. Humor is your greatest and most prominent gift, and you enjoy having an audience. You also like travelling and meeting new people.
  • Roast Beef flavor Tic Tac
    Determined, strong-willed, and ambitious. You balance charm and practicality. In your social circles, you can be very attractive and energetic, but in your work life, you are aggressive and goal-oriented. When you have a goal, no one can stop you. You make it happen and you make it big!
  • Roast Chicken flavor Tic Tac
    You are loyal and supportive. On the surface, you are calm and only open up to those closest to you. Your family and friends see you as a trustworthy person. Spending time with friends and new people are something you enjoy, but you can be very picky of those who can enter your circle of friends.