When Football Meets Peanuts

Football is a sport that has a special place in many people’s heart. The origin of the sport dated back to Ancient China, Japan and Greece, where it evolved independently. Football is known as a sport that is fun to play as well as fun to watch. In Indonesia, watching football is an inseparable part of life.

Indonesia loves both local and international football. Specifically, watching the European professional league game is a cultural phenomenon on its own. The time difference between those countries and Indonesia naturally drives people to stay awake for the game to be broadcasted. To help them stay awake, they need a choice of snack that can fuel their energy for the game night.

This is when peanuts come to play. Peanut is considered as shareable food and can easily bring people together during a live game. Taste wise, Dua Kelinci peanuts are available in many popular flavors to please everybody’s taste bud. So, don’t forget to grab a bag of Dua Kelinci for your next game day!