Community Program

  • Empowering The Community

Dua Kelinci is the pride of Pati city in Central Java, and the support of the local people has made a huge contribution to the company’s growth. In turn Dua Kelinci has made a significant contribution to the community, and our social and econonomic development programmes are empowering the people of Pati.

“The Dua Kelinci Campus” is home to a programme for school students from elementary to senior high which gives them an opportunity to learn about plants, the production process of peanuts, snack foods, and good business practices. The company also often invites Pati community leaders and leadership organisations to visit this experience.

  • Empowering Our Employees

At Dua Kelinci we believe in looking after our workforce. The Dua Kelinci workplace has been designed to maintain the highest levels of comfort, and staff are invited to give feedback on any other improvements they would like to see. They are also given the opportunity to attend seminars and training courses to broaden their knowledge and improve their skills.

And we don’t only care for employees while they’re at work. A doctor is available to all staff free of charge, and we have a scholarship programme for their children. Every Dua Kelinci worker is also entitled to an interest-free loan to make it possible to buy their own homes.

  • Humanitarian Programmes

Indonesia is no stranger major disasters, and at Dua Kelinci we do everything we can to help. In the past decade alone, we’ve been able to provide essential food supplies, medical help and volunteer labour to several regions where earthquakes have claimed many lives and left many more homeless.

Dua Kelinci also operates several ongoing humanitarian programmes. Working with the Indonesian Red Cross, we hold as many as four blood donor drives each year in the Dua Kelinci factory in Pati: last year alone over four hundred employees donated blood.

We also have a programme to help out local orphanages, donating what we can and inviting the children to tour the Dua Kelinci factory and enjoy entertainment and Dua Kelinci’s delicious products.