Towards the environment

Our environment is one of Dua Kelinci’s highest priorities. Concern for the environment is rising as the earth’s carrying capacity declines, and Dua Kelinci is taking action to curb water pollution, treat waste, save energy and reduce emissions.

  • Water Conservation

Water is vital to the peanut production process, from keeping the plants alive to washing the fully grown legumes, and Dua Kelinci has devised a programme which is making startling  breakthroughs in reducing water consumption and conserving groundwater.

At every stage of production, Dua Kelinci’s waste water is passed through filtration pools with healthy fish living in them, where it is tested for purity and recycled. Soil particles filtered out of the water are redistributed into the surrounding land.

  • Waste Management

Peanut processing creates a lot of organic waste. At Dua Kelinci this waste is recycled, returned to the soil where it can have most benefit the environment.

Waste separated from recyled water is spread across areas of land, and every three months these areas are inspected by the authorities to ensure the soil and ground water are not being polluted.

The company also strives to reduce the waste it produces, and is improving processes and training employees in an effort to establish a paperless office culture.

  • Conserving Energy

Right from the upstream production process, Dua Kelinci is committed to reducing energy consumption. We have already reduced the amount of coal we use for cooking, replacing it with CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) to reduce our carbon emissions significantly.

More important than all these efforts to conserve energy is increasing awareness among our staff of how important it is to adopt simple, day-to-day energy-saving habits like turning off lights and electrical equipment when they’re not being used, and making the best use of the building’s natural ventilation to use as much daylight as possible.