The Company

Message from The President Director:

With 25 years’ experience in the food industry, PT Dua Kelinci has become one of the leading and well known snack manufacturers in Indonesia. With considerable passion and energy, our team has been successful in producing a selection of quality ground peanuts, legumes, and grains that we have in our tasty and healthy products. In addition to this with recent innovation and product development, we have been recently expanding our product portfolio into beverage and chocolate wafer category as we always strive to fulfill the consumers’ needs for quality products.

Our focus has always been to provide the best, healthy, safe, and Halal snack products. In order to achieve our focus we have been applying International quality management and standards and as the result, PT. Dua Kelinci has been successfully expanding its distribution network to the international market. We have been exporting our products to countries and regions in the world such as South East Asia, China, the Middle East, Europe, North America, and Africa.

Thank you for your interest in PT. Dua Kelinci and through this website we wish that you know about us and our products better


Hadi Sutiono
President Director


Vision and Mission

  • Vision :

To be the most popular snack food producer in Indonesia and to be a pioneer of perfection in both food processing methods and business ethics.

  • Mission:

To achieve this vision, PT Dua Kelinci will continually strive to:

  • Improve competitiveness with a focus towards quality, efficiency and technological improvements.
  • Work consistently to improve performance and strengthen the corporate brand by utilizing and expanding our global distribution network.
  • Compete in quality by being efficient and applying new technologies, and remain responsive to the needs and desires of consumers in Indonesia and internationally.



Ho Sie Ak and Lauw Bie Giok originally founded the embryonic Dua Kelinci brand by simply repackaging peanuts bought directly from the farmers. In 1972 they gave their peanut products the trademark name “Sari Gurih,” and began using the legendary two rabbits logo that is still famous to this day.

Sari Gurih expanded rapidly. In 1982 the brand name was changed to Dua Kelinci, and then in 1985 the company was registered under the name PT Dua Kelinci by the founders’ sons, Ali Arifin and Hadi Sutiono. The brothers began learning about management and peanut marketing. They moved from packaging to business processing, concentrating their efforts on Indonesia’s famous peanut production region of Pati in Central Java.

Over time PT Dua Kelinci grew and became more innovative. New products have also been developed, including a variety of different flavored peanuts, coated peanuts, and other food and beverage lines.


Historical Chronology

Peanut repacking business started by husband and wife team Mr Ho Sie Ak and Mrs Lauw Bie Giok under the brand “Sari Gurih” with the two rabbits logo.

Brand name changed from “Sari Gurih” to “Dua Kelinci”

PT Dua Kelinci formed as a registered company on July 15 in Pati, Central Java by Mr Ali Arifin and Mr Hadi Sutiono.

Product development began, and hi-technology production machinery and equipment introduced.

Development of new whole-grain and cereal products began.

Started to apply international quality standards, food safety and halal standards to all products to develop a vision of being the best in the field of food and beverages.