The Journey

A Tale of Two Rabbits

Dua Kelinci’s history began with the tale of two men. Hoe Sie Ak and Lauw Bie Giok created a peanut packing factory to handle the harvest of local farmers, and in 1972 branded their packaged nuts Sari Gurih. The brands logo of two rabbits – Dua Kelinci – has stood the test of time to become a legend in modern Indonesia’s food industry.

Sari Gurih grew rapidly, changing its name to Dua Kelinci in 1982. The brand gained its patent in 1985, and the company officially became PT Dua Kelinci.

Brothers Ali Arifin and Hadi Sutiono later transformed Dua Kelinci from a humble food packaging company into a high-tech plant processing peanuts native to Indonesia, especially the first-rate crops grown in all across Java

Today, PT Dua Kelinci enjoys a reputation as a large producer of innovative products, from flavoured peanuts and nuts coated in flour or spices, to a whole range of other widely popular foods and beverages.



Peanut repacking business started by husband and wife team Mr Ho Sie Ak and Mrs Lauw Bie Giok under the brand “Sari Gurih” with the two rabbits logo.


Brand name changed from “Sari Gurih” to “Dua Kelinci”.


PT Dua Kelinci formed as a registered company on July 15 in Pati, Central Java by Mr Ali Arifin and Mr Hadi Sutiono.


Product development began, and hi-technology production machinery and equipment introduced.


Development of new whole-grain and cereal products began.


Started to apply international quality standards, food safety and halal standards to all products to develop a vision of being the best in the field of food and beverages.


“Change To Focus” is our main spirit in this year. It shown by adding new human resources to our team in order to keep continue doing valuable changes. Things that we change, not only about improving the quality of our product but also the quality of our services when we interact with market and consumers in real life.